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Attorney Gregory P. Lee
  • Guardianships are sometimes necessary for the elderly or those with mental difficulties.  Physicians and family members are involved, and the courts always look to the best interest of the ward.
  • When neither parent is able to care for a child, the courts place children with those who can take over.  Child support and visitation orders are considered, just as they are in other parental matters.
When a family experiences difficulty, other members and generations sometimes need to help.  Mr. Lee is experienced in all phases of family representation, including guardianships and similar actions.  Whether the individual needing help is elderly or a juvenile, the goal is always to create structures to protect the and assist the individual.

Older people and those with mental difficulties sometimes need assistance to manage their life and legal affairs.  The Probate and Family Court assists in these matters by giving guardianship and/or conservatorship to responsible, interested adults.  Family members are generally preferred.

Similarly, when neither of a child’s parents is able to provide for the child’s needs and best interests, the courts look to others.  Family members — grandparents, aunts, uncles, and adult siblings — are generally preferred.  In these cases, the courts assign rights and responsibilities to the guardian.  Older children 12 are given some voice in this process, but the courts always look to the best interest of minor children.  The court can and does order that child support be paid when parental income is available.  Visitation orders are crafted when parental visitation is in the best interest of the children.