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Attorney Gregory P. Lee
In mediated divorce, Mr. Lee works to resolve the legal issues by working jointly with the couple. 

He represents neither party.  Both parties are encouraged to obtain lawyers to review final agreements.

The parties become educated, cooperative participants in the process.  They find ways to communicate and negotiate to resolve differences.  This process results in a less contentious separation and divorce.  Less stress is placed on the parties and children.  Fair results are obtained at far less expense.  In the end, Mr. Lee can assist the parties in drafting the final agreement if it is fair and equitable, and in the best interest of children of the marriage.

Mediated divorce provides:

Less contention.

Less stress.

More cooperation.

Less expense.

The parties come to fair agreements through discussion.

The parties learn how to set aside hurt feelings and anger to work through the issues.

Children benefit because cooperation is built early, before contested divorce increases hostility.

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