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Attorney Gregory P. Lee

Gregory P. Lee
Gregory Lee concentrates in Family Law.  He has almost 30 years of experience in both divorce and non-divorce matters.  He also litigates civil matters, and handles educational and business issues.  His cases take him to Probate and Family Court, Juvenile Court, Superior Court, District Court. He practices in most Eastern Massachusetts counties, including Suffolk, Middlesex, Bristol, Norfolk, and Plymouth counties.  
Mediated Divorce Uncontested Divorce
Mediated divorce allows the parties to sit down and discuss the issue with Attorney Lee’s help.   Attorney Lee represents neither party, but assists with the agreement. This provides the best opportunity for an amicable divorce. 

Some divorces can be negotiated if not mediated.  Uncontested divorce allows a reasonably amicable divorce.  Attorney Lee represents his only client and prepares the agreement.
Contested Divorce (Litigated) Unmarried Parties
If agreement is far off or impossible, a contested divorce filing allows the courts to enter orders that stabilize the situation.  Most filings result in negotiated resolutions over the longer term.

Unmarried parties often have divorce-like issues to be addressed, and generally address them in the Probate and Family Court. 
Child Custody Child Support
When two people have children together and live separate, custody and visitation must be resolved. When possible, agreement reduces the stress on the children. When agreement is impossible, courts make the decision.

Children must be fed, clothed, and housed. Each parent contributes to these needs. The non-custodial parent pays child support, which is usually determined by child support "Guidlines".
Visitation Contempt
Children need regular contact with both parents.  Though perhaps unfortunately named, visitation provides this contact.  Most non-custodial parents are entitled to and received liberal, unfettered visitation.

When one party disobeys a court order or judgment,  the injured party must ask the court for help.  Child support, visitation, custody, and other orders can be handled using the contempt process.
Other Family Matters Domestic Violence
Family issues can also arise or be resolved through guardianship and equity actions in the Probate and Family Courts.  Adoptions are a rare and special pleasure. No domestic partner may commit violence, threaten violence, or force sexual contact on another.  Domestic violence affects everyone in the home — the victim, the children and all others residing there. 

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