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Attorney Gregory P. Lee

Divorce is often truly necessary, but rarely pleasant.  At best, people put the best faces we can on hurt, anger, feelings of betrayal, and fear of uncertainty.  In many instances, people lash out, using the legal system as a weapon instead of a necessary tool.

Mr. Lee works to resolve the legal issues resulting from the divorce.  Children must be cared for, property and debt determined and fairly divided, and each party given the freedom to move on as appropriate.  Advice and decisions are based on multiple factors, with an eye toward both what courts tend to require and the “business decisions” that are sometimes necessary to end costly wrangling.

Mr. Lee provides:

Consideration of all of the facts.
Understanding of the personal disruptions resulting from the end of marriage.
Strong advocacy skills.
Extensive legal knowledge.
Meticulous review of financial information.
Skilled use of information-gathering techniques and resources.
Honest, clear advice and instructions, informed but not clouded by sympathy and understanding.

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