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Though unfortunate, many divorces cannot begin amicably.  The parties are separating because different views have emerged on life, goals, child rearing, or because  the emotional cement of love and affection has broken down.  One party may have divorce or behavior issues that make the marriage intolerable, even dangerous. 

The contested divorce process allows the courts to step in and enter orders to stabilize the parties’ relationship and provide for children.  The parties and their attorneys can then work toward resolution of the relationships between parties and children.

Marital violence and serious harm to children almost always require the filing of contested actions.  These cases are too serious, emotionally charged and dangerous to allow to go on without intervention.  Indeed, an abused spouse may be “neglecting” a child if she or he allows continued abuse to anyone in the family, thus inviting DSS and Juvenile Court intervention.

The pain of discovering financial misconduct or infidelity, as well as increasing individual problems such as alcoholism, addiction, and psychological difficulties, cause such hurt and anger that negotiation is impossible for a time.  Contested divorce allows the court and attorneys to bring the parties to the most workable resolution possible.

Needless to say, substantial dishonesty by one spouse almost always makes the contested process necessary.  During the contested process, the parties can engage in discovery to determine the nature and whereabouts of assets, debts, and expenditures.

Contested divorce:

  Allows entry of “temporary orders” to determine temporary custody, child support, and other issues.

  Allows discovery and investigation into factual matters, including subpoena power.

  Gives parties time to “cool off” while also imposing time standards for resolution.

  Court appearances and other mandates discourage foot-dragging and obstruction by parties and their representatives.

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