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Attorney Gregory P. Lee

  • Small corporations provide some protection.

  • You should also protect your personal assets, including your home.

  • You should buy sufficient insurance from an independent agent.
  • You should get advice about the legal implications of all contracts.

  • You should have legal assistance when dealing with regulatory boards.
If you operate or plan your own business, Attorney Lee will help you with the process.  You need to determine whether you will operate as a sole proprietorship or through a corporation.  You need to protect your personal assets.  Corporate papers will be needed if you choose to operate through a corporation. 

You may have agreements with suppliers and others to consider.  You may need to discuss possible liabilities and be sure that you have sufficient insurance and other protections.  You may need help with government regulations and agencies.  You need to maintain relations with your community.

Attorney Lee looks to your needs and helps you organize the solutions.